Gaia Spa, Boringdon Hall

Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall 



Plymouth Groundworks LTD were one of the Main Groundworking contractors working on the new £5 Million Spa being built at Boringdon Hall.

We had a wide range of mini projects to complete which required all of our skills set to be used. From Excavating, Slabbing, Tarmacing, and a large quantity of Gabion Baskets being completed.

Due to a stream repeatedly overflowing its banks and flooding a nearby car park, a new system had to be put in place. Plymouth Groundworks LTD were required to excavate a new channel and insert a Culvert that would redirect and channel the water into the existing drainage system.

After Sealing the new Culvert we finished off by replacing all the old damage Kerbs and building a new stone wall for the nearby residents. 

New Culvert




Evolution Cove is currently an ongoing project of ours. A courtyard sat above the underground car park is leaking. Plymouth Groundworks LTD are currently in the process of removing everything from the courtyard. We will then repair any damage and install a new drainage system. Then re create the existing Courtyard to the design wanted.


Evolution Cove